Hearthstone Cards by Race & Gender

Hearthstone Cards by Race & Gender

I did most of the legwork for this spreadsheet of every Hearthstone card by race & gender a couple months ago and forgot about it, thought it was past time to polish it up and get it out there before Naxx!


A couple notes on some judgement calls I made:

  • In the case of minions, if there are multiple characters pictured on the card, I described only the minion named on the card. For example, Hound Master is accompanied by a dog, but listed under Worgen.
  • If a spell card showed both the caster of the spell and the victim, I described only the caster. (For example, Cold Blood depicts a human who has killed an orc, and is listed under “human.”) If only one character was pictured on a spell card, whether they were casting a spell or having the spell cast on them, they are described.
  • If a spell summons a token, and the spell and token have different art, they are separate entries. (For example, Feral Spirits and Spirit Wolves.) If the spell and the token have the same art, the token shouldn’t have its own entry. (For example, Polymorph and Sheep.)
  • A lot of people on Reddit are disputing my use of the word “Forsaken” to describe undead characters who may or may not be followers of Sylvanas. I chose to use the word to describe Sylvanas, as well as all the characters who would use the same models as playable Forsaken in WoW, because I’m primarily concerned with visuals as evidence. “Undead” would technically include Scourge, Abominations, Ghouls, etc, who I wanted to keep distinct.

A couple quick conclusions, as I lack the know-how or time to do any real statistics on the matter:

  • Humans are horribly overrepresented, but you could headcanon some of them as worgens if you really wanted. Like, maybe Questing Adventurer, he looks a little Gilnean.
  • You can really see the long lead time in Hearthstone development by how underrepresented the three newest playable races are: there’s only three each for Worgen and Pandarens, and out of six goblins, none look especially Bilgewater.
  • Some races that people complain are underrepesented, like the Tauren, show up in a lot of spells. Gnomes, on the other hand, are quite a few minions but next to no spells.
  • Blood Elf females outnumber Blood Elf males.
  • Night Elf female minions outnumber Night Elf male minions.
  • There are no female Worgen or Pandaren in the game art at all. (I did not count tutorial-only token minions.)
  • There is no female dwarf or troll minion, but they do show up in some spell art. Thanks to some eagle-eyed commenters in this Reddit thread who were kind enough to point out my more egregious errors! Including that Bloodsail Raider is obviously a dwarf.  

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